Live and learn-Painting

The beauty around you sometimes is so overwhelming that it compels you to try and express the joy it gives in whatever ways you can, doesn’t it ?

Sometimes, one particular way of expression that you long to adopt becomes so far away from your grasp that it remains a life-long obsession. Painting is one such for me.

No, no…..not that i had taken it up on any consistent basis. But I think I almost always had a few poster colours and a couple of brushes with me at any given point of time.

Once in many weeks, months or even years, I would try reproducing something on a sheet of paper. For some reason it was always with water colours. My efforts quite often ended up with the paper tearing with me trying to get the right tone and soaking up the sheet in places.

To my credit, I never let that dampen my enthusiasm.

Recently, I made up my mind to try acrylic paints on small canvasses . Say what you will, I am quite happy now as i can see that I can paint over the first strokes if something has gone strong. Yeah, sometimes I do end up wishing that I had left it just the way it was originally. No matter, I hope to learn.

This one is from a group of pictures of beautiful country houses with gardens that I had downloaded from the net, The original garden was less riotous than this one, though 🙂

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