Hello, I’m Nadira :-)

I am a sixty three year old female from India, a land that I love in all its rich variedness and deligthful eccentricities.

I have been blogging on wordpress for a long time now and it has been a wonderful experience. My blogpage was titled “nadirafromkannur.wordpress.com

Recently, while fidgeting around with the settings, I seemed to have done something that got my page frozen and I am no longer able to post anything new there.

The suggestion of creating a new domain came up and so, here I am.

I love pretty much everything that soothes the spirit and excites the senses and is a source of joy.

I love to connect with people and places, read, travel, talk and communicate in all ways possible and to share my thoughts and impressions and that which makes me happy or sad or angry…the whole gamut of feelings that is common to all of us.

Hope to get back to all my old friends here and reach out to many more in this virtual space.

Lots of love

One thought on “Hello, I’m Nadira :-)

  1. Dearest Nadira, first so sorry your old blog is no longer working.. and second, thank you so much for finding me and telling me of your new blog my friend..
    I am afraid life has gotten in the way of me visiting many of the sites I follow,
    Your grandson, is growing so fast, and I enjoyed reading your other stories about your travels etc..

    I hope this finds you well Nadira, keep enjoying your blogging.. I am a bit hit and miss on both my blogs at the moment.. Summer is here and what with holidays, the allotment to keep straight and we have been redecorating our home, Blog time has come in second..

    Sending lots of love your way Nadira.. Hugs ❤


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